Polini Introduces New Variator For Euro 5 Honda Forza 350 Scooter

Do you own a Honda Forza or Forza 350 Euro 5 scooter? If you do, and you’ve been looking to improve your scoot’s pickup, then the scooter specialists at Polini may just have what you’ve been looking for. The Italian scooter aftermarket component maker is now offering a new Maxi Hi-Speed variator to fit your scoot. 

According to Polini, this updated version of its 12-roller pulley has been redesigned with a new inclination of 13 degrees. Additional improvements include lessening friction-causing elements as much as possible, with strategic use of things like DLC coating, as well as a special greasing system that keeps the pin sufficiently lubricated at all times with no extra effort on your part. 

The included compression spring is claimed to be 15 percent harder than the OEM Honda unit, which Polini says increases RPM when you first roll on the throttle. Pickup should therefore be faster with installation of the aftermarket variator, which could change the character of your scoot if that’s something you’re looking for. 

For those unfamiliar with how twist-and-go scooter transmissions work, front and rear drive belt pulleys with moving plate assemblies constantly adjust the optimum gear ratio between your engine and rear wheel. The rollers inside the front pulley basically get thrown outward by centrifugal force as you accelerate, which changes where the moving plates are located in relation to one another. That, in turn, moves the drive belt, which changes the belt’s tension, while also changing the relative diameters of the two pulleys.  

That’s why two popular twist-and-go scooter performance mods are either changing the entire variator, or at the very least, switching the stock rollers for a different weight to hopefully result in a pickup character you like. Since that spring is under quite a bit of tension, it’s best to proceed with caution if this modification is new to you and you opt to pursue it.  

If you’re specifically interested in Polini’s new Honda Forza and Forza 350 Euro 5 variator, the MSRP in Europe is 184 Euros, or about $211 (VAT excluded). Polini sells its products in many markets around the world, so you may also want to check local pricing and availability if you’re interested and are outside Europe

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