NMoto Ushers Golden Age BMW C 400 X Body Kit Into Production

Back in November, 2020, we had our first glimpse at the NMoto Golden Age concept. The unapologetically art deco, Courtney Streamline concept-inspired scooter design was based around a thoroughly modern BMW C 400 X scooter. Creator NMoto said it planned to release Golden Age as a kit suitable to transform any C 400 X into this particularly glamorous time machine sometime in 2021.  

Unlike a lot of announcements over the past couple of years, we’re not here to tell you it’s been cancelled, or even delayed. No, friends, if you were waiting and hoping this kit would see the light of day, we’re pleased to tell you that here in December, 2021, it’s now available for sale. NMoto teamed up with Zillers Garage to make the dream a very tangible reality. It’s available both as a kit you install yourself, and also as a complete bike if you want NMoto to put it together for you. 

The kit includes a nine-piece carbon fiber body kit, powder-coated front and rear subframes, an exhaust system relocation kit, all the grilles/side moldings/decorative bits that help give this design its character, and of course the Golden Age badges. As well, you’ll receive new turn signal housings, headlight housing and adapter, and market-specific headlight, turn signals, and rearview mirrors. NMoto will also supply the mounting hardware you’ll need, including OEM BMW Torq screws. Detailed instructions are thankfully also part of the package. 

There are four available two-tone color schemes for this kit: black with a brown saddle, black and red with a black saddle, cream and red with a brown saddle, or seafoam and cream with a brown saddle. All feature chrome accents and diamond stitching on the saddle. Pricing starts at $12,490 for the kit alone, not including the base C 400 X. It’s also worth noting at this point that this kit will not work with the C 400 GT, which is currently the only C 400 scooter that BMW sells in the U.S. Other markets still get the C 400 X as a new scoot, but you’ll have to find a used one if you dream of a Golden Age here in the States.

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