New Yamaha MT-10 debuts with more power, aggressive loo…

Yamaha has given the flagship to its expansive MT naked range – the Yamaha MT-10 – a long awaited restyle and re-tool for 2022, boasting more power, influence from the sister R1 sportsbike and tuning to emit its own distinctive sound.

A spiritual flagship to the inaugural Yamaha to wear the the ‘Master of Torque’ (MT) prefix – the 2007 1600cc Yamaha MT-01 -, the first generation Yamaha MT-10 was launched in 2017 as a super naked sibling to the R1 and bigger brother to the already established MT-09.

Since then the MT range – currently comprising five roadster models down to 125cc – has continued to expand but the MT-10 had been left to linger without an update, compared with the MT-09 and MT-07 which were replaced twelve months ago.

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