Michelin Releases New Road 6 Street Tires

What are the best options when it comes to everyday-use tires? The answer definitely lies in all-weather tires. This rings true regardless of where in the world you’re from, as the wet grip certainly comes in handy not just when the heavens open up. While hypersport tires offer superior dry grip, these tires can easily let go in the wet, causing some butt-puckering moments, or worse, a hefty repair bill and a few weeks’ worth of soreness.

Because riding on the street can be so unpredictable, street tires often come with deep grooves, meant to channel water away and keep your tires firmly planted on the ground. Furthermore, they’re a lot harder-wearing than their race-oriented siblings, and can withstand the abuse street riding puts on them. Last thing I remember, there aren’t as many pieces of loose debris, rock, shattered glass, and junk on the circuit as there are on any given street. Because of this, street tires like Michelin’s all-new Road 6 are an excellent choice for the daily rider.

Michelin Releases New Road 6 Street Tires

That’s right, Michelin has just updated its model range with the Road 6, which basically sits at the top of the French manufacturers street tire lineup. It takes everything that was awesome about the Road 5 and makes it even better. Now, these tires are expected to hit the shelves very soon, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled when you take a trip to your tire dealer in the coming months. Here’s what Michelin has to say about the new Road 6 tires.

For starters, the Road 6 claims 15 percent more grip than the Road 5 in wet conditions. It makes use of Michelin’s proprietary Silica Technology tread compounds, as well as a redesigned tread pattern that better disperses water away from the contact patch. Michelin is calling it Water Evergrip Technology. A word of caution, though: just because these tires offer superb wet grip doesn’t mean you can go dragging your knee in the middle of a downpour on your favorite twisty road.

Michelin Releases New Road 6 Street Tires

Apart from enhanced wet grip, the Michelin Road 6 tires are said to offer 10 percent longer tread life compared to the Road 5. Now, that’s a lot, especially if you cover hundreds of miles on your weekend rides. The Road 6 tires also offer improved cornering stability, translating to an overall more engaging ride. It features Michelin’s 2CT+ Technology now applied to the front tire. This feature, which was previously only found on the rear tire, offers better rigidity for the sidewalls, which gives sharper feedback to the handlebars mid-corner. Furthermore, it gives you even better stability under heavy braking, as well as heavy acceleration for the rear tire.

A total of eleven sizes are available for the new Michelin Road 6, ranging from 17, 18, and 19-inch wheel setups.

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