Market Data Vendors – Side by Side Comparison

In your pursuit to become successful in the riskiest yet very lucrative market, it is important that you acquire the market data through respectable and reliable market data vendors. With numerous data vendors out there, we’ve selected fourteen of them and researched carefully on what each of them has to offer to a restless stock and future market trader whose goal is to make a profit almost every day:

If you are after the stock market trends, you can get end of day data (as well as the historical ones) from Norgate Investor Services, AnalyzerXL, DownloadQuotes, QuotesPlus Inc., and Bigboard. The AnalyzerXL provides market data (including futures, indices and options) for free while the software can be purchased at $49.95 and its technical analysis software for only $94.95. Other data vendors sell this at a very minimal price. If you are interested with Futures market data, you can use Norgate Investor Services, AnalyzerXL, Quotes Plus Inc., Inc., BigBoard, Brite Futures Inc., CDData Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Cisco-Futures Commodity Research Bureau Commodity Systems Inc. (CSI) and DTN Corp. If you are after the real-time market data of futures, you can use AnalyzerXL,, Brite Futures Inc., Chicago Mercantile Exchange and DTN Corp.

Most brokers and agents go for the most reliable and yet affordably-priced market data. These data is the lifeblood of any futures, stocks and options trade, for without, the trader is at lost on how to make profits out of the aforementioned trades. If you’ve got a particular vendor in mind, you can always research the reliability of the vendor through internet search engines.

Source by George Comwell Ph.D.

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