Let Your 2021 Kawasaki Z900 Sing With Akrapovič’s Exhaust Options

Kawasaki’s Z900 naked sportbike presents itself with a very enticing performance-to-dollar ratio. Among the bikes in the 900-ish cc class, it’s one of the most affordable, and most powerful thanks to its 948cc inline-four engine. With 125 horsepower on tap, it certainly delivers liter-bike performance in a lightweight package that’s eager to change direction and pop the front wheel up.

Having said that, letting this bike’s four cylinder mill sing its song with all its might certainly enhances the riding experience this motorcycle has to offer. Luckily, Akrapovič, one of the world’s most popular and highly sought-after brands when it comes to motorcycle exhaust systems, has a variety of exhaust options available for the Z900. You can choose either a slip-on, for those who just want to improve the sound; or a full-system, for an even louder exhaust note and improved overall performance. What’s more is both these setups are available in either carbon-fiber or titanium. 

2021 Kawasaki Z900 Akrapovič Exhaust Options

For many motorcycle enthusiasts, Akrapovič’s Slip-On Line serves as the first step in modifying their bike. Given how easy it is to install, as well as not requiring any fiddling with the ECU, its an easy way to improve the sound, looks, and overall riding experience while retaining your bike’s Euro5 homologation. The titanium slip-on is constructed with a sort, conical design which gives the bike a slimmer, more sporty aesthetic. It also offers substantial weight savings as opposed to the stock muffler. Likewise, the carbon-fiber option offers the same benefits, albeit in a different aesthetic package. 

2021 Kawasaki Z900 Akrapovič Exhaust Options
2021 Kawasaki Z900 Akrapovič Exhaust Options

For those of you who wish to unlock the full potential of an aftermarket exhaust system, Akrapovič also offers the optional stainless-steel header to go with the slip-on system. This aftermarket header will transform the exhaust note of your bike from an aural howl to an outright banshee scream. However, with the help of some ECU tuning, the Akrapovič header can unlock some serious performance gains. It’s important to note, however, that fitting the aftermarket header will cause your bike to fail emissions standards, and as such isn’t street legal. 

Akrapovič’s Slip-On line for the 2021 Kawasaki Z900 retails for the equivalent of $750 USD. Meanwhile, the optional stainless-steel header, which can be purchased separately, and is compatible with both the stock and aftermarket slip-on options, is priced at $644 USD. 

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