Lakeside Custom Plating

Lakeside Custom Plating

by Tom Williams

(Cleveland, Ohio )

Lakeside custom plating in Conneaut Ohio did my chrome. They are amazing!

They have options which I did not know of until going to them. They could give me a hexavelant chrome, trivelant chrome, just nickel, black trichrome, or even selective plating.

Each of the types of metals had different warranties. Steel has a lifetime warranty for rust, bubbling, or peeling. aluminum i think had a 2 year warranty. I am not positive on that. You may want to call and ask for the details. This is all hindsight. I think potmetal is lifetime too.

I only had steel and had them polish my aluminum which looks every bit as good as the chrome. You gotta try these guys. Talk to a guy named Tracy. I found their webpage. Here it is.

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