KTM Teases New RC Model In Short Video Clip On Social Media

Is KTM one step closer to showing us the updated 2022 RC390 for real this time? On August 30, 2021, the Mattighofen maestros unveiled the same short teaser on KTM’s Instagram, Facebook, and KTM UK’s Twitter.  

It’s the same clip across all three platforms. However, it’s easier to take in a little more of the bike in question via the Twitter and Facebook videos simply because the IG video view is more heavily cropped on the sides. Jump cuts abound, communicating the controlled yet frenetic pace of mechanics working on a pit crew to get their bikes out on track. 

There’s almost no text on the bike to be seen, save for a small “RC” on a front fairing at the beginning of the video and a “Ready to Race” decal at the rear that’s briefly visible in one scene. Likewise, the accompanying text KTM used when posting this clip merely reads, “From the street, straight to the track. #KTM #ReadyToRace”  


The version of the bike pictured in this video is black and orange with a dark gray front fender, rather than the blue and orange that KTM prematurely revealed by accident in early August, 2021. As KTM no doubt intended in posting it, plenty of fans are eagerly speculating in the comments on all platforms about what bike it is we’re all seeing.  

Is it the new RC 390, or is it a larger RC variant? How long we’ll all have to wait to find out for sure is another question. At the end of the 20-second clip, white text pops up on a black screen. It says, quite simply, “COMING SOON” followed by “READY TO RACE” and then the orange KTM logo.  

“Soon” can mean a lot of things, as we all know. While it probably doesn’t mean August 31, there’s no way to say for sure that’s not the case. “Soon” could be September 1, or maybe later on in the month. It’s a pretty nebulous term, but we feel confident saying that it will likely happen sometime prior to EICMA 2021. 

Also, while KTM maintains a more streamlined global presence on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, its Twitter presence seems to be more segmented, with different accounts for different regions around the globe. Could the fact that KTM UK’s Twitter account posted this video while KTM USA’s did not be meaningful? Hopefully, “soon” means we won’t have long to wait. 

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