Kinetic Ropes Make Recovery Easy

We’ve been using snatch straps in our four-wheel-drive trucks and Jeeps for years. Unlike a standard recovery strap, these things stretch, storing a bunch of kinetic energy that then gradually pulls the stuck vehicle out of its predicament rather than yanking hard. It saves both vehicles a ton of abuse, and keeps you from giving your buddy whiplash. Now, Yankum Ropes is bringing that joy to ATVs with a new kinetic rope designed specifically for vehicles that are up to 1,200 pounds. The half-inch kinetic rope is double-braided nylon with a special UV coating to keep it from breaking down in sunlight. It also has a 7,000-pound minimum breaking load, and it comes in its own protective pouch. At $86.99, it’s cheap insurance. Throw one in your rig and be ready next time Cooler Charlie goes full send.

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