KBC VR-1 Reviews

KBC VR-1 Reviews

by Jason Downs

(Melbourne, Australia)

Jason and his Combat Green VR-1

Jason and his Combat Green VR-1

"I purchased the KBC VR1 combat helmet purely for it's unique look and styling, only to discover It has more to offer than first anticipated. Apart from it's attractive price tag, It offers in my opinion, one of the best visor-change-over-systems on the market today! So quick and easy!! The KBC VR1 also one of the most comfortable, well fitted and lightest helmets around offering a removable/washable liner which you almost only find in the high-end, highly priced helmet range. This is a great advantage as most times my lid does get quite smelly after awhile.

Airflow is great with well designed ventilation. The visor is solid and secure with smooth adjustability, unlike my $600 Soumy which has popped off once or twice due to bad design of side-pod fixtures.

The Unique Combat design has drawn a lot of attention with other riders. I get a lot of great comments like "...how aggressive it looks on the road" and "...where can I get one!". I love it!!

After crashing my bike at a track day not so long ago, the KBC VR1 did it's job in protecting my head and stood up well with minimal damage, which has lead me to purchase another one.

Dealing with Brett has been the best online, purchasing experience I have had to date. Communication is second to none! Delivery time is unbelievable and I am always happy with his quick replies! I will always rate him highly to anyone and look forward to doing business with him once again!"

Editor's Note: This review was originally submitted in August of 2004 and was originally included in my own KBC VR-1 Review Page. The VR-1 was discontinued by KBC, but has been replaced by the VR-1X.

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