Kawasaki Z50th Anniversa… | special editions incoming?

ANOTHER new teaser is gracing our laptops this afternoon, and this time it is another one of the big four that is on the brink of announcing something. The video is from Kawasaki, and it relates to 2022 being the 50th anniversary of its iconic Z models.

For now, all we have is a short, sweet, and oddly cropped teaser video. In it we can see the side panel of its legendary Z1/A from the mid-seventies. It’s a bike that is known for helping to thrust the Japanese factory right into the middle of the early sports bike wars, fending off Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha in the years that followed.

Serendipitously or not, this release from Kawasaki falls perfectly into line, as the brand is just releasing its latest Z650RS (a bike that is styled to look just like an early Z model) at the press launch in Marseille.

How could the Kawasaki Z50th anniversary model look?

Well, you could say model, assuming that the Z900RS 50th Anniversary is on its way, or perhaps models, as the new Z650RS could hang on the coattails of its bigger, and more senior family member.

Realistically, the hardware is likely to remain pretty much as found on the current bike, although we’d expect the retro dial to be cranked up to eleven when it comes to paint schemes, decals, and old-school detailing.

While spoked wheels to match that found on the original 70s Zeds would be the dream, the likelihood is that the same or similar cast items will remain.

As is the way with these teasers, we might not have to wait long to find out. With the Anniversary taking place next year, and Kawasaki no doubt keen to drum up some interest, we’d expect the announcements to ramp up as we get closer to EICMA.

Kawasaki Z650RS Specs and all the Features

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