Kawasaki Updates Engine Oil To Help Get A Jump On 2022 Maintenance

It’s the end of January, 2022, which means it’s prime riding season in the southern hemisphere, and prime maintenance season in the northern hemisphere. No matter where you are in your riding life-cycle, unless you have an electric bike, oil changes are part of a healthy and regular maintenance schedule. That’s why Kawasaki just announced its new and improved Kawasaki Performance Oils updates for 2022. 

While Team Green does, of course, keep its proprietary formulas secret, the dual friction technology in KPO’s full synthetic 4-stroke oil both decreases engine friction and increases clutch friction. How much improvement does that offer to clutch feel? According to Kawasaki, the new formulation offers three times the JASO MA2 standard in clutch friction. Of course, it’s also been tested for all the other things that riders want in any good-quality oil they put in their machines. It’s ready for temperature extremes (both high and low), as well as your rev-happy, high RPM engine applications.  

Not feeling like a full synthetic? That’s OK, because Kawasaki also offers KPO semi-synthetic and conventional 4-stroke engine oil options, as well. The semi-synthetic is formulated to prolong engine life, as well as offer reduced oil volatility. Meanwhile, the conventional 4-stroke oil helps keep deposits from gunking up your piston rings and protects against camshaft wear.  

For 2-stroke riders, there’s KPO semi-synthetic 2-stroke racing oil, which works for both premix and oil injection systems. This formulation was created to guard against hot spots, corrosion, and nasty deposits that can ruin all your fun.  

Also, since both Kawasaki and its riders contain multitudes, the KPO product refresh doesn’t stop with motorcycles. If you also enjoy ATVs, UTVs, or Jet Ski watercraft, Kawasaki also refreshed those lubrication products as well. After all, if it’s an engine that requires oil, that oil needs regular changing for your vehicles to give their best performance.  

These are new products, and Kawasaki plans to roll them out in the coming months to start off 2022. The KPO 2-stroke motorcycle oil, ATV/UTV, and Jet Ski oils should all be available sometime in February. However, if you’re interested in any of the 4-stroke motorcycle engine oils, those won’t be available at your local Kawasaki dealer until April.  

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