Kawasaki Releases 2022 Ninja ZX-25R In New Twilight Blue Colorway

When Kawasaki first introduced the Ninja ZX-25R in Japan and neighboring Asian countries in 2020, it resurrected the small-displacement, four-cylinder sportbike game that was all the rage in the ‘80s and ‘90s. With the hopes that other manufacturers would follow suit, it appears that we have no other choice than the Ninja ZX-25R if we wanted a modern-day, small-capacity inline-four that revs all the way up to 17,500 rpm.

The good news is that Kawasaki doesn’t seem to have any plans of axing the ZX-25R anytime soon. In fact, the Japanese manufacturer has just pulled the covers off the 2022 model. Twilight Blue is a new color choice for the redesigned quarter-liter Ninja ZX-25R. The paint features red and white highlights, while the fairings have gray logos. Aside from the new color, the 2022 Ninja ZX-25R is essentially unaltered. This means that it retains its signature modern-day Ninja styling, that’s nearly identical with the rest of the Ninja family including the Ninja 400, 650, and ZX-6R supersport.

Despite its rather familiar styling, the Ninja ZX-25R’s main selling point has always been its engine. Loved for its unmistakable F1-esque exhaust note, the bike continues to feature a 249cc inline-four that can rev all the way up to 17,500 rpm. It produces just 45 horsepower, though, so it’ll sound like you’re going 180 miles per hour, even if, in reality, you’re still traveling within the speed limit. It gets a standard six-speed manual transmission equipped with a slipper clutch and up and down quickshifter, too, for the total supersport experience.

Traction control, two power modes, a USB charging outlet, and full-LED lighting for the headlamp and taillamp are among the as-standard features of the Ninja ZX-25R. The 2022 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R is expected to make its way to the Japanese market in February 2022. Neighboring Asian markets will surely follow shortly thereafter.

Kawasaki Releases 2022 Ninja ZX-25R In New Twilight Blue Colorway

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