Italian Startup Scarponi Unveils Its Electric Mini-Bike Range

A new Italian company is looking to make a name for itself in the rapidly growing electric motorcycle segment. Scarponi Motorcycles had been teasing its entry into the market for some time now. After months of R&D, the company has finally unveiled its range of electric motorcycles: a trio of minibikes that seeks to inject some fun into the mini-bike scene. Scarponi is currently showcasing the new bikes on Indiegogo. Let’s take a closer look. 

All three bikes will be equipped with what Scarponi calls the V.S.S, or the Virtual Switch System. It consists of an energy regeneration system that uses the bike’s electric motor as a generator and battery charging system while simultaneously powering the motorcycle. It also allows the user to toggle precisely how much energy can flow through the battery. Futhermore, the V.S.S acts as a traditional manual gearbox, allowing the rider to shift gears, so to speak, delivering more efficient performance, and ultimately, a more engaging ride. Scarponi’s model range consists of three bikes: the SP-Rinascita, SC-Density, and the CR-Gravity. 

Scarponi Electric Motorcycles

The SP-Rinascita is a sporty-styled electric minibike which features sleek lines and aggressive bodywork, similar to what we see in modern-day naked bikes. Scarponi states that the SP-Rinascita is “inspired by the tradition of Italian motorbikes, with the aim of guiding towards the transition to electric propulsion while leaving unchanged the typical emotions and sensations of traditional two-wheelers.” Meanwhile, the SC-Density is similarly styled as the SP-Rinascita, but claims to be an “urba scrambler”. Although shod in street tires, it does feature subtle styling cues that resemble that of modern-day scramblers.

Last but not least, the CR-Gravity is Scarponi’s interpretation of a retro-inspired machine. It features a cropped tail, similar to what we find in cafe racers, and is finished in a retro colorway of dark green with white accents. Its faux leather saddle, as well as the cover on the electric motor are finished in brown, for an added retro-inspired touch. Now, at a glance, it’s clear that all three bikes share the exact same platform, and are differentiated only in terms of minor styling features.

Scarponi Electric Motorcycles
Scarponi Electric Motorcycles

All three bikes are equipped with a Brushless electric motor that pumps out 11kW of peak power—that’s around 15 horsepower. Continuous power is pegged at 5kW, or 6.7 horsepower, making it a docile companion for in-city riding. Scarponi claims a top speed of 60 miles per hour, and a range of 60 miles out of its 72V, 50 AH lithium-ion battery pack. 

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