Huracan: An intricate Harley-Davidson Fat Boy from CW Zon

Custom Harley-Davidson Fat Boy by CW Zon
After a hiatus last year, the annual Mooneyes custom show finally graced the halls of the Pacifico Yokohama Exhibition center ten days ago. The show is pivotal, bringing out the very best that the inimitable Japanese custom scene has to offer. And from what we’ve seen so far, this year’s edition was no exception.

We’ve just featured Heiwa’s amazing ground-up Triumph Trident custom—but that wasn’t the only bike that turned heads at Mooneyes. This impossibly intricate Harley-Davidson from Custom Works Zon took home two individual ‘pick of the show’ awards, and the overall prize for the best detail work. And it’s easy to see why.

Custom Harley-Davidson Fat Boy by CW Zon
CW Zon wizards Yuichi Yoshizawa and Yoshikazu Ueda built the bike for a customer, and cite medieval armor as their inspiration. It’s based around a 103 ci Twin Cam Harley-Davidson Fat Boy, and has been nicknamed ‘Huracan’—Spanish for hurricane.

Huracan’s incredible detailing actually starts with its motor. CW Zon have also dressed the V-twin with everything from ribbed covers to custom pushrod collars.

Custom Harley-Davidson Fat Boy by CW Zon
On the left side of the engine, above the open belt primary from BDL, is a hand shifter that alone shows an astonishing amount of craftsmanship. It features of a hand-twisted shaft, an aluminum knob, and a decorative brass cap.

There’s a new ignition from Accel as well. And CW Zon built their own air intake, complete with an inner grill bearing the ‘Z’ from their logo.

Custom Harley-Davidson Fat Boy by CW Zon
The motor’s encased in a steel frame that uses just a handful of elements from the donor bike, but is mostly custom. It’s an elegant design with a single down tube up front and a shorter design at the back. And it retains the OEM rear suspension, too.

Up front is a one-off aluminum girder fork, which uses a mixture of CNC-machined and hand-shaped components.

Custom Harley-Davidson Fat Boy by CW Zon
The shock’s hidden behind a handmade headlight shroud that mimics those found on motocross bikes. It seems like a weird mashup of genres—but it works.

Further back, CW Zon fabricated a new set of riser-less handlebars. They wear wrapped grips with brass caps, and integrated mini switches. Sitting dead center is a discreet digital speedo from Motogadget, along with neutral and oil warning lights.

Custom Harley-Davidson Fat Boy by CW Zon
Huracan’s wheels are naturally custom jobs too, machined from aluminum. And in true CW Zon style, they come in massively exaggerated sizes: 21” up front, and 23” out back, with Avon Cobra cruiser tires. The guys had to modify the swingarm to accommodate the upsized rear wheel.

The disc brakes (and the front brake lever) are modern units from KustomTech. The front caliper mount’s been integrated with the fork, and there’s a custom bracket and brace holding the rear in place.

Custom Harley-Davidson Fat Boy by CW Zon
Running over the top of the Harley is a full complement of handmade bodywork. Yuichi and Yoshikazu started by building a wireframe, then shaped the final parts from steel. (There’s a video that takes a peek behind the scenes here.)

The arrangement features a separate fuel tank up front, covered by an additional layer that flows seamlessly into the seat and tail.

Custom Harley-Davidson Fat Boy by CW Zon
Cutouts in the top layer highlight the delicate gold graphics, laid down by Kamikaze Pinstripe. The deeply scooped seat features upholstery by Kuurei Yonsoku.

And then there’s the engraving that adorns almost every other inch of the bike, painstakingly executed by Silver Smith Fin. There’s a lot to study, but the big takeaway here is how all the finishes, from the engraved metal to the selective brass accents, complement each other tastefully.

Custom Harley-Davidson Fat Boy by CW Zon
Equal parts elegant and brutal, Huracan is proof that CW Zon are at the top of their game. And it’s another reminder of why Mooneyes remains one of the top shows on the international calendar.

CW Zon | Facebook | Instagram | Images by Kazuo Matsumoto

Custom Harley-Davidson Fat Boy by CW Zon

Custom Harley-Davidson Fat Boy by CW Zon

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