How To Keep Cool On The Hot Summer Streets With A Breathable Motorcycle Helmet

Nothing seems to be more enjoyable in the summertime than cruising through the streets on your bike. Not having to fear the potential of ice covered roads and chin-deep snow, the summer months bring peace and ease to your lengthened days. Summer is a time when you polish up your bike, get the family or friends together and go for a ride.

But riding in the heat can have its setbacks. Hot summer months in some states means the impending repercussions of humidity, making your relaxing ride turn into a sticky, sweaty mess. Furthermore, dry desert heat can ward off many riders for fear of over exhaustion and sunburn. In order to ward off these summer-related hiccups, it is important to invest in a breathable motorcycle helmet and gear.

What make a motorcycle helmet breathable is the ventilation sockets in the helmet itself. Ventilation areas should direct air into the helmet through a sweeping, aerodynamic design. In addition to this, the fit of your helmet is key to experiencing the most comfortable ride. Make sure that your helmet covers your entire head and that your chin strap tightens adequately. You don’t want your helmet sliding all over your head or resting too tightly against your head. Either one of these problems will lead to improper coverage in case of an accident, and will have you feeling uncomfortable throughout your ride. Similarly, your remaining motorcycle gear should be just as breathable and comfortable.

Motorcycle clothing should be made of a light fiber in order to keep you feeling light during the ride. Nothing’s worse than going out on the street and having your clothes weigh you down and stick to your body. In order to have an enjoyable and relaxing riding experience, it is important to invest in lightweight, sweat-resistant jackets, shirts, and pants. That way, you’ll be able to ride comfortably longer, which is vital since summer days last well into the late hours.

Investing in a cooling vest is a great idea, not only will the vest leave your arms free of any weight but the cooling vest helps to ease the burn of the hot summer sun. In addition, purchasing a summer or dual-purpose jacket is also a good idea. Dual-purpose jackets are great to have in the closet because they allow for the quilted inner liner to be unzipped and removed from the body of the jacket, leaving the rider with a lightweight jacket in the summer months.

But remember, the most important thing to riding is enjoying your time safely out on your bike. So make sure to invest in safe gear and safe driving practices. And then go out and enjoy your summer while it lasts!

Source by Sarah Simmons

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