Honda teases the NT1100 ahead of its full reveal on Oct…

We’ve just been dealt a huge teasing hand, as Honda (finally) confirms the NT1100 is due for a grand reveal on the 21st of October. 

Honda has been subtly teasing something coming for the last month or so, and we’ve all been scratching our heads wondering what could be around the corner – a new Transalp? A new CBR650? Well, we’ve rounded that corner and been met with the behemoth that is a new and updated NT1100.

Have a watch of the teaser below, see if you can make anything out, and we’ll reconvene below to discuss further.

Lovely stuff, right? Classical music playing, picturesque landscapes (is that… the Canary Islands?) and a few fleeting glimpses of the metal that’s self-dubbed a bringing a new era to the touring market. 

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