Honda Italy To Cover First Two Payments For Early NT1100 Buyers

When Honda launched the Africa Twin-based NT1100 in October, 2021, it added a practical, road-focused sport-tourer back to its lineup. While the launch photos showcase the NT1100’s sleek design, luggage options, and rider and passenger accommodations, we fully expect the model to make its first appearance at EICMA 2021.

The annual trade show should give Italian customers a first chance to kick the tires, but Honda Italia is drawing in potential buyers another incentive to pre-order the sport-tourer. For those that order the NT1100 before December 11, 2021, Honda Italia will cover the first two payments. Team Red didn’t reveal when the new model would hit showroom floors, but the promotion’s deadline points to the 2022 model arriving in the new year.


Early adopters that can’t make it to Rho, Italy’s, Fiera Milano between November 25-28, 2021, will have to base that decision on the spec sheet alone. Touting the same liquid-cooled, DOHC, 1,084cc parallel-twin, the NT1100 receives a new touring-oriented tune but still delivers 101 horsepower and 76.7 lb-ft of torque. The 17-inch die-cast aluminum wheelset differentiates the sport-tourer, but it also borrows the Africa Twin’s 5-inch TFT touchscreen display.

To suit the NT1100 to the open road, Honda equips the model with a five-stage windscreen and deflectors, heated grips, cruise control, and panniers (65L). In Europe, the standard trim will retail for £11,999 (≈$16,500 USD) while the DCT version bumps the price up to £12,999 (≈$18,000 USD)

Of course, Honda’s sterling reputation and the Africa Twin’s track record will also be a factor, but pre-order customers will also have to trust that Team Red can deliver the NT1100 in due time. With freight and supply chain issues plaguing manufacturers at the moment, taking care of the first two payments could go a long way to getting more riders onboard.

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