Honda CB500 Series In-Line For Component Upgrades In 2022

Honda revised its CB500 lineup with more low-to-midrange power, 47 peak horsepower, and updated styling in 2019. Individual models earned suspension tweaks, LCD displays, or ergonomic adjustments. Two years later, in 2021, Honda threw in a Euro 5-compliant, 471cc parallel-twin and wrapped the CB500X, CBR500R, and CB500F in new liveries.

Slowly evolving over the years, European approval-type documents suggest that Honda will take a similar approach with the CB500 series in 2022. While Team Red hasn’t released pictures or an official announcement just yet, the paperwork shows the platform adopting a dual-disc braking system up front.

2021 Honda CB500X

2021 Honda CB500X

2021 Honda CB500F

2021 Honda CB500F

Of course, to accept the additional rotor, Honda will need to swap in a new fork and front wheel design along with extra plumbing for the setup. However, we’ll have to wait and see if the update permits a switch to a USD fork. The CB500X also features a 310mm front disc while its siblings sport a 320mm unit. We’ll have to wait and see if the midsize adventurer gains a 320-mm system as a result of the dual-disc configuration.

Despite the extra hardware, the CB500F and CBR500R remain at 417 and 423 pounds, respectively, but the CB500X gains four pounds (438 pounds wet) in 2022. The added heft may hint at other component upgrades such as a larger fuel tank.

Lastly, the CB500X, CBR500R, and CB500F retain their length and wheelbase dimensions in 2022, but Honda fractionally increases the width of each model. Many speculate that the parallel-twin will earn wider handlebars with the CB500X going from 32.5 inches to 32.7 inches, the CBR500R expanding from 29.7 inches to 29.9 inches, and the CB500F broadening to 31.5 inches from 31.1 inches.

Over the years, Honda’s CB500 range has sided with evolution over revolution. Team Red will continue that approach in 2022, but at least the updates are prioritizing safety.

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