Here’s The New 2022 Niu Electric Lineup

Electric mobility presents a very interesting opportunity for even the most unknown brands to make a name for themselves. Many startups have come out of the woodwork looking to get a foothold before the market reaches maturity, and Niu’s 2022 lineup is aimed at a few key segments. 

Niu Lineup 2022

The sportiest option in the lineup is the NIU RQi. They say that it is “the electric motorcycle you’ve been waiting for,” which is a pretty bold statement given how there are tons of options out in the market already. However, the brand impresses on the design front and even a bit on the performance end of things. It’s not a liter-class bike by any means, but it’ll get the job done. For features, the bike will get up to a top speed of 62 miles per hour and it even comes with a launch mode that offers instant acceleration. On a single charge, it will do about 74 miles, and it also features dual 72-volt batteries that are removable, each comes with a 34 amp-hour capacity and can be fast-charged for convenience. It’s priced at €6,999 EUR (about $8,000 USD). 

Niu Lineup 2022
NIU Lineup 2022

Urban mobility is at the heart of Niu’s business model, and an electric scooter fits the bill. Priced at just €4,999 EUR in Europe (about $5,700 USD), the NIU MQi GT EVO is priced well in light of the performance that it brings to the table. Expect a top speed of 62 miles per hour, dual 72-volt removable batteries with a 26 amp-hour capacity in each cell, and up to a 46-mile range. 

Niu Lineup 2022

Finally, there are two more models which include an e-bike and a scooter called the BQi and KQi respectively. These two models will cater more for the urban warriors looking for a compact vehicle for short journeys. 

Otherwise, Niu also announced an updated NQi GTS in the lineup which gets a top speed upgrade to 50 miles per hour, and up to a 59-mile range. Additionally, the YQi is a hybrid-electric scooter that will cater to the riders looking for a transition into electric, as it combines the best of what a gasoline engine can offer with the help of an electric motor. Niu dubbed it the “gateway scooter.”

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