Harley-Davidson picks up Plug-in Vehicle Grant shortfal…

FOR many looking to switch to electric vehicles, the Plug-in Vehicle Grant was the cherry on top of all the savings to be had. And with the recent changes to the system likely to put many off making the switch, Harley-Davidson is taking matters into its own hands.

To read the full story on the changes click here, but here is the general premise. Previously, electric motorcycles and mopeds received a 20%  grant of up to £1,500 which was deducted from the new bikes RRP at purchase. This will now change to 35% of the RRP but only up to £150 for mopeds, and £500 for motorcycles.

That shortfall will inevitably have a knock-on effect on new electric bikes sales, something that Harley-Davidson and its electric off-shoot LiveWire is keen to avoid. With new models in the offing from LiveWire in the coming years, the last thing it and H-D needs is market uncertainty.

To combat this, Harley has come up with the Electrification Grant. A UK initiative that complements the company’s 5-year Personal Freedom finance and servicing package.

That means £1,500 H-D Electrification Grant, 5-year motorcycle warranty, 5-year roadside assistance, 5-year dealer service plan, £500 insurance contribution, and a £500 contribution for genuine accessory and clothing.

Harley-Davidson LiveWire (2020) Review

The Harley 5-Year Personal Freedom Package (that now includes the grant when buying a new LiveWire) will run until 31st January 2022, with the added incentive of registration and delivery deferred until 13th March 2022.

For more information, head to: www.harley-davidson.com

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