Grab This 1981 Honda Motocompo Before It’s Too Late

Honda’s always been one not to take itself too seriously. I mean, since the very beginning, Honda has been all about going against the rugged, burly image perpetuated by Harley-Davidson. With its tag-line, “you meet the nicest people on a Honda,” the Japanese company welcomed a whole new generation of riders—a generation not defined by the stereotypical rider which was then characterized by their use of a Harley-Davidson machine.

Of all the cool and hip motorcycles Honda offered in the U.S., it’s a shame that it never marketed the Motocompo, and its mothership the Honda City Turbo 2, stateside. Surely, this fun and quirky duo would have captured the hearts of many back then. These days, it seems that the concept of a lightweight, no-frills, runabout scooter is making a resurgence, albeit in an electric form. In more ways than one, the good old Honda Motocompo is what many today would refer to as an urban mobility solution.

Grab This 1981 Honda Motocompo Before It's Too Late
Grab This 1981 Honda Motocompo Before It's Too Late

That being said, now’s your chance to add a piece of Japanese automotive, pop-culture, and motorcycle history to your collection, as this 1981 Honda Motocompo has just been listed for auction on Bring a Trailer. This particular scooter looks to be in remarkable condition, and is thoroughly spick and span inside and out. It’s finished in the highly desirable Shetland White color, and comes with all original componentry.

For those unfamiliar with the Motocompo, this tiny little scooter features an air-cooled, 49cc, single-cylinder two-stroke engine pumping out all of two-and-a-half ponies. All this grunt propels it to a top speed of around 18 miles per hour—good fun around the neighborhood messing around with your friends. Another awesome feature that propelled the Motocompo to stardom was the fact that the handlebars could be folded flat, making this 93-pound scooter rather portable. In fact, in Japan, it was offered as an option to the Honda City Turbo 2.

Grab This 1981 Honda Motocompo Before It's Too Late

This particular Motocompo was acquired by the selling dealer from Japan back in 2020, and was imported into the U.S. shortly thereafter. Included in the sale is a Texas bill of sale, and all importation documents from Japan. At present, the current bid for this little gem stands at $4,000 USD, with bidding closing in six days’ time.

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