Get The Shad Terra TR40 Soft Cases Before Next Adventure

Shad make some great cases, and this is yet another model in the lineup for adventurers to consider, the Shad Terra TR40. In the realm of soft luggage, we’re getting a lot more cases with bespoke fittings, and this is Shad’s entry into the category. 

If you don’t like the bulk of a hard case, then soft luggage bags are the way to go. The fact that you can cinch down the excess bulk is a win for any adventurer who likes a slimmer tail section. 

The Shad Terra TR40 is a new model with a fitting system that is dedicated to the product. You can get one of these soft cases and get up to 32 liters of luggage space. Pair two TR40s together and you can hold up to 64 liters of luggage. Shad advertises that the bags can take up to 10 kilograms of weight, that’s 22 pounds in imperial units. 

Polyester is the main material that these Shad bags are made of, more specifically 600D and 1200D, with D standing for denier. The sections fitted with 600D fabric are comparable to most bags in the market, while the 1200D offers enhanced abrasion resistance, should your bike take a tumble and kiss a bit of that asphalt. The bag is also IP5X water resistant with double protection granted by an attachable rain cover to further protect it from splashes. 

Shad TR40 Bag

The bag also comes with side compartments for items like waterbottles, canteens or other tall and tubular items. 

You can get these bags in pairs for about $660 USD (€579 EUR), and they will be available in March 2022. That’ll give you enough time to save up. On top of that, you need to get a specific bracket for the bike that you’re fitting this pair of bags onto, and that can also cost you around the $200 USD or €200 EUR mark. In total, expect to spend about $800 USD for this set. 

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