Get A Load Of Royal Alloy’s New 125 S And 300 S Scooters

Staying true to its name, Royal Alloy continues into 2022 with a new range of scooters, all of which are crafted from minimal amounts of plastic, and lots of, well, alloys. There are two new models in the brand’s lineup for 2022, and these include the 125cc Royal Alloy 125 S, and the 300cc Royal Alloy 300 S scooters. Two trim levels are included in the lineup, which includes the GP and the TG, with the GP being the entry-level model.

Notable players in the retro scooter space include Vespa, and Lambretta, with some appearances being made by Kymco with its Like series. Though, the two Italian brands are more well-known. Lambretta has recently come up again launching a few new models, but Royal Alloy’s not to be ignored as the new models are looking pretty swanky and have a unique appeal with a British twist.

Royal Alloy TG 300 S

Royal Alloy TG 300 S

Royal Alloy TG 300 S

TG Stands for “Tigara Grande”

The bikes take heavy inspiration from the 1960s era of scooters, a time when bikes were two-stroke, made of metal, and had quite some heft to them. Royal Alloy keeps to its roots and uses stamped metal sheets to form the bodies of its scooters, which create a very retro atmosphere. Of course, there are still some plastics, but for the general build of the bike, Royal Alloy remains true to the metallic twang in its name.

Royal Alloy GP 125 S

Royal Alloy GP 125 S

As for the bikes themselves, they use Piaggio engines. Two-stroke fans, sadly the only available motors in these models will be four-stroke in keeping with Euro 5 regulations, but power figures are still healthy enough for use. The 125 S (not to be confused with the Vespa S 125), makes a decent 9.5 horsepower—good enough for city trips. However, the more exciting of the two is definitely the 278cc mill found in the 300 S. The bigger motor packs a punch for its size and is rated at 25 horses.

Royal Alloy TG 300 S TFT Display
Royal Alloy TG 300 S Underseat

Standard equipment for the 125 S includes Bosch ABS, LED lighting, and a USB charging outlet. The top-spec TG 300 S, however, gets a TFT instrument cluster, not exactly a retro feature, but welcome nonetheless. 12-inch wheels are used for all models and 110/70 front and 120/70 rear aspect ratio tires are used.

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