Freestyle Motocross Tricks and Treats

Freestyle Motocross is also known as FMX. In FMX, riders perform jumps and stunts to impress judges. They go on a series of jumps and perform tricks alphabetically. Although these tricks are the bread and butter of FMX riders, they are sure treats to the eyes of astonished watchers. Watching FMX is heart raising and gut quenching. This article will provide you a list of FMX tricks to help you identify what they are and how to do them.

1. Can Can: The trick consists of getting one leg to go over the other side of the bike. End result will have both legs on one side. Higher points are given when riders land on a Can Can position.

2. Cliffhanger: The rider stands up straight in the air with toes on the underside of bars. Hands are above the head like a roller coaster position.

3. Coffin: Legs are extended below the handlebars and rider lies on the seat as far as possible.

4. Lazy Boy: Similar to the coffin, but arms and legs are extended more for higher points.

5. Dead Body: Rider’s body is in front of the bike and horizontal while holding on to the bars.

6. Double Grab: The body is extended at the back of the bike while holding the back of the bike with two hands.

7. Fender Grab: The body is bent over the handlebars while hands are grabbing the fender.

8. Hart Attack: Legs are pointed up while doing a superman.

9. Indian Air: Legs are crossed like a scissor position.

10. Kiss of Death: The bike will be vertical as possible and rider’s leg will point straight up.

11. Nac Nac: On the jump, whip the bike sideways, swing one leg around behind to the other side.

12. No Footer: Landing with both feet off the pegs

13. Nothing: Hands and feet are removed when landing

14. Rock Solid: The body will be detached from the bike. Do a Superman Seat grab, release the seat with both arms extended from the bike. Remount when you catch enough air.

15. Rodeo Air: One hand will be holding the cross bar and one hand will be free then do a heel click.

16. Stale Fish or Saran Wrap: One leg is brought in front between arms and the other leg outside the arm.

17. Sterilizer: Do a bar hop and extend legs over handlebars.

18. Suicide Can: One foot will be off the peg and raised over the bike seat. Both legs will be on one side of the bike. Lift the other foot off the peg and extend both legs away from the bike then remove hands of the bars.

19. Superman: This looks like superman flying hence the name. Feet are released and are kicked back.

20. Superman Seat Grab: With legs extended back, one hand will be released from the grip and grabs seat for distance on extension.

21. Surfer: Perform a surfing position on the bike while hands are on the bars.

22. Tsunami: Do a headstand while holding handlebars and keeping the bike horizontal.

Source by Nail Khazen

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