Feast Your Ears On Honda’s Motor Symphony

If I were to ask you what it is exactly you love about your motorcycle, I’m certain a lot of you would say sound. Sound—music, in particular—has a special place in each and every person’s heart. All motorcyclists love the sounds their bikes produce, be it the sound of the tires rolling against the pavement, or the roar of the engine accentuated by the exhaust. These things are all part of what makes motorcycling so special. 

Honda Brazil has managed to capture the essence of sound by incorporating the exhaust notes of various Honda motorcycles in an orchestrated symphony simply entitles The Motor Song. Created in partnership with world-renowned advertising outfit Publicis, the song is an honest interpretation of raw exhaust sound incorporated as part of a musical arrangement. The video portrays a large group of motorcycles, all of which aboard different types of Hondas, congregated at a rooftop of one of the buildings in Sao Paulo’s dense urban cityscape. A conductor then directs the riders to rev their engines and sound their horns as part of the musical piece.

Feast Your Ears On Honda's Motor Symphony

Honda Brazil’s newest campaign centers around the concept that “for those of us who ride, the sound of a motorcycle is music”. The campaign seeks to attract younger riders into the fold by presenting a unique and refreshing concept centering on the experiences brought about by riding a motorcycle. Odair Dedicação Junior, the marketing manager of Honda Brazil, states, “The sound of a motorcycle engine has a lot of meaning for the bike lovers, and to honor our audience, we explored this idea of ​​orchestrating a song with the sounds of our motorcycles. It’s a sensory and emotional experience.”

The Motor Song was a collaboration between Honda Brazil, advertising outfit Publicis, and Hefty, a boutique music and audio studio based in Brazil. Edu Luke, the brains behind the music, and founder of Hefty, explained the process behind the composition, “To get to the song, we had to analyze the musical notes generated from the rotation of each engine. Thus, we mapped the timbres of the different cylinder displacement of Honda’s line-up, understanding the exact point of acceleration so that we could compose the arrangement and conduct the motorcycles’ symphony.”

The video features a slew of Honda’s popular models including the Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade, as well as the X-ADV adventure scooter. The Motor Song will be played across Honda’s online and social media platforms, and will be shared by influencers working in partnership with the brand. 

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