Fantic Rolls Out Fancy New Carbon Accessories For Caballero

Part of the joys of owning a retro-style motorcycle indeed comes from customizing and personalizing your motorcycle. The same goes for modern bikes, however, there’s just so many more options when it comes to retro machines. Of course, the aesthetic and Instagram-appeal of scramblers and cafe-racers is an undeniable aspect of their seemingly unending popularity, too.

That said, if you’re a proud owner of Italian manufacturer Fantic’s Caballero range of retro-style scramblers, then chances are you have a penchant for making your ride look good. Don’t get me wrong, the Caballero undoubtedly has killer looks out of the box, but adding a dash of carbon-fiber personality can certainly go a long way in enhancing that neo-retro aesthetic. It is with that in mind that Fantic has teamed up with fellow Italian company, CDZ Compositi, on a range of carbon accessories specific to the Caballero.

Fantic Rolls Out Fancy New Carbon Accessories For Caballero
Fantic Rolls Out Fancy New Carbon Accessories For Caballero

CDZ Compositi has years of experience in the composites industry, and has supplied materials to the aircraft, marine, and motorsports industries, with Formula1 as a noteworthy example. The new range of accessories are compatible with all generations of the Fantic Caballero, in either 125 or 500 trim. Be it for show, function, or a little bit of both, the carbon-fiber accessories range for the Caballero offers enhanced styling and added protection for this rugged, go-anywhere machine. The entire catalog of accessories is already available in Fantic dealerships across Italy, too, and are claimed to be 100-percent made-in-Italy.

The accessories from CDZ Compositi consist of both aesthetic and functional elements. For starters, a carbon-fiber front fender is ready to bolt onto the Caballero’s front end. Meanwhile, carbon-fiber heat-shields for the headers specific to the Caballer 500 protect you from unwanted burns when maneuvering the bike in your garage or driveway. Other carbon bits and pieces include aftermarket reservoir covers, side panels, dashboard mounts, and tank plates.

Fantic Rolls Out Fancy New Carbon Accessories For Caballero

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