Endeavor Powersports Trailer Folds for Easy Storage

We’re big fans of maximizing usable space, and Endeavor Powersports’s trailer has been designed to both carry the heaviest UTV and also to fold away for efficient storage. The trailer deck measures 6 feet wide by 9 feet long (72 x 108 inches), so it should be able to hold most UTVs, though not some of the larger four-door, four-seaters. A 2,000-pound weight limit means mass shouldn’t be a concern. The deck is powdercoated mesh for longevity and ease of cleaning, and the low, 14-inch deck height keeps the center of gravity closer to the ground for better handling and reduced sway. Modular ramps mount to the front of the trailer and hook into the deck for easy loading and unloading. When unfolded in its in-use position, the trailer measures 151 inches long, and it collapses to a tidy 108 inches for ease of storage. The whole unit only weighs 530 pounds.

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