Electric 200hp Damon HyperFighter enters the ring at CES

Damon Motorcycles has pulled the wraps off its second high-performance electric motorcycle at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Based on the much anticipated HyperSport sportsbike – which made headlines when it was revealed at CES two years ago – the HyperFightrer comes as the Canadian company prepares to begin sales after a long gestation period.

While the ambition for electric motorcycles is strong among a number of start-up firms as the industry prepares to adopt a wholesale shift towards EV power, to date Damon Motorcycles has arguably generated the most buzz with its tech-laden HyperSport.

The HyperFighter is an extension of this, whittling the HyperSport into a more dynamic naked silhouette that uses clever design techniques to disguise what is often an unwieldy battery pack.

By making the battery pack part of the monocoque frame, the HyperFighter hides its EV leanings well with a sharp profile, a high-set half-fairing and bison hump, while the front-end looks sharp with its squared off angular spotlights and sharp nose.

Available in three trims – Colossus, Unlimited 20 and Unlimited 15 – the flagship Colossus and Unlimited 20 features a 20kw battery capable of 200hp, 170mph top speed and a range of around 145 miles.

The Colossus goes on to add Brembo brakes, Ohlins suspension, sporty rims and a single-sided swingarm, priced at $35,000. The Unlimited 20 [pictured above] makes do without these features and is $25,000

The entry-level Unlimited 15 makes do with a 15kW battery claiming 150bhp, 150mph top speed and a range of around 120 miles. It is priced at $19,000.

The launch of the Damon HyperFighter comes as the company prepares to begin delivering the HyperSport, which in top trim boasts 200hp, 200mph top speed and 200 miles of range.

All models come with Damon’s patented Co-Pilot 360-degree safety tech, which is a neural net that alerts a rider to any hazardous movements and is constantly ‘learning’ to provide a safer experience, plus the innovative ‘Shift’ system which allows riders to adjust the footpegs and handlebars for better ergonomics.

Though it is yet to hit the road in the hands of the media, the Damon HyperSport – which will be sold in Europe – has already won favour at CES with a GOOD DESIGN award, chiefly identifying its monocoque design that integrates the battery into the design of the motorcycle.

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