Dunlop Updates Roadsmart IV Tires With New Carcass And Tread

Dunlop’s Roadsmart IV sport-touring tire succeeded the Roadsmart III in August, 2020. However, the American tire brand continued developing the series based on market feedback. For 2022, Dunlop addresses that rider response with a revised Roadsmart IV approved for as many as 650 different motorcycle models.

Just like the previous iteration, the new Roadsmart IV still delivers dry performance and wet grip for sport-tourers, but now the tire caters to naked bikes, road-focused ADVs, and hypernakeds as well. To accommodate riders on such a diverse range of bikes, Dunlop redesigned the tire profile and tread pattern, but also split the common sizes (120/70ZR17 front and 180/55ZR17 and 190/55ZR17 rear) into SP and GT variants.


Predictably, the SP version delivers more stability and feedback for sporty models while the GT provides better handling for heavy grand tourers. New carcass materials and new grip resins in the tread improve the Roadsmart IV’s performance while maintaining the tire’s versatility.

“Our research told us that road riders wanted outstanding wet grip, good mileage, and confidence-inspiring handling,” noted Dunlop Europe marketing manager Luca Davide Andreon. “By bringing together a range of technologies, we’ve created a tire that can cater for the demands of an incredibly diverse sector of riders and machines. It is a sport-touring tire that goes well beyond the sport-touring segment.”

Dunlop will offer the Roadsmart IV in 21 different tire sizes (seven front and 14 rear). The brand will continue to offer the Roadsmart III alongside the revised Roadsmart IV. Together with Dunlop’s other sport-touring tires, the range consists of 40 sizes nearly covering the entire sport-touring segment. The new Roadsmart IV will be available at the beginning of 2022. Dunlop’s new tire may carry the sport-touring badge, but the tire’s handling characteristics, water evacuation, and long lifespan transcend that label.

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