Ducati Unica Program Crafts One-Off Machines For Discerning Ducatisti

Remember that striking blue Ducati Superleggera V4J that one VIP client commissioned to match his Lamborghini Aventador SVJ? It’s the kind of beautiful that’s hard to forget, and that you instinctively know can only look better in person than it does in photos. 

It turns out that one-off Ducati is the first example of the brand-new Ducati Unica program in North America. Participants in this program will speak directly with Centro Stile Ducati designers in order to flesh out exactly how to achieve their one-of-a-kind Ducati dreams. This can include all kinds of precious materials, unique finishes, and exquisite colors, as each design demands. 

What’s more, if you’re super interested in the design process, every step will be documented—and enthusiasts can apparently be involved in all of it, according to Ducati. Just how involved, exactly? Ducati Unica enthusiasts will be invited to pay a visit to the Centro Stile Ducati atelier in person on periodic visits while their bikes are in progress. That’s certainly a level of dedication to detail and customer commitment on Ducati’s part. 

Every Ducati Unica machine created will come with its own certificate of authenticity and uniqueness, which will also promise that this design will not be replicated in the future. Because each Ducati Unica project will require such a high level of attention to detail, naturally the number of projects that the Centro Stile Ducati can take on each year will be very limited. Ducati also says it will only consider requests that are “considered to be in line with the values of the brand and with the stylistic standards associated to it.” Fair enough. 

In this particular case, Ducatista Dave Enders requested a design that channeled the spirit of his Lamborghini Aventador SVJ. He’d been a loyal Ducatista for years, and had a record of having owned many previous Ducati flagship models.  

Ducati plans to open its Ducati Unica program up to North American enthusiasts starting in 2023, with a plan for the available scheduling of approximately one bike per quarter each year. Ducatisti with bikes throughout the Ducati and Scrambler ranges will be able to express interest and get the ball rolling through their local Ducati North America dealers.

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