Dotto Creation’s Honda CX500 Is Like No Other Custom You’ve Seen

Bikes don’t often look like this. Looking more like a sculpture than a bike, I’d gladly park this custom Honda CX500 in my living room as a modern art piece. 

Dotto Creations was started by two Italian designers who met and used to work for the Pininfarina house. Gianluca Bartolini and Francesco Iannuzzi met in Pininfarina’s Cambiano headquarters and have about twenty years of experience under their belt. 

To be completed in November of 2021, their latest creation is funnily a Japanese bike with some rather “Italian-inspired” elements. Honda’s CX500 has a longitudinal V-twin engine that was “heavily influenced” by the longitudinal V-twins found in Moto Guzzi’s bikes.

What this is, or was rather, is a 1979 Honda CX500 that was completely stripped and dressed in some of the most bespoke bodywork I’ve ever seen on a custom build. The project’s name is “Binacaneve,” which translates to Snow White. 

Dotto Creations Biancaneve Honda CX500
Dotto Creations Biancaneve Honda CX500

The bike was completely stripped before going under the knife. Instead of boosting performance, Gianluca and Iannuzzi decided to restore the parts, and keep most of the original working components of the bike as original as possible save for pod filters. The V-twin was refreshed along with its carburetors, and the same five-spoke Comstar wheels were retained in the final build.

The real story lies in its bodywork, where the tank all the way to the tail section features an extremely minimal design. The goal of this design by Dotto Creations was to reduce visual mass and to give the bike a sportier demeanor. To achieve this, a lot of the extra bodywork was reduced and trimmed away. The rear tail section sees no mudguard or overhang. The frame has been cut and it creates this ultra-minimalist look that makes the build look like it’s straight out of some sci-fi movie.

Dotto Creations Biancaneve Honda CX500
Dotto Creations Biancaneve Honda CX500

I thought that the rider would have to perch himself on top of the bike’s bodywork, but the designers put hinges on the rear tail section of the bike allowing it to move out of the way and reveal a saddle to sit on. According to Gianluca, a motorcycle is best observed or admire a motorcycle would be when it is stationary, and to their credit, it worked. The bike looks absolutely stunning without a rider in it and when that cowl hides the seat. 

Dotto Creations Biancaneve Honda CX500
Dotto Creations Biancaneve Honda CX500

So yeah, the bike is still a bike. You can still ride it, but personally, it’ll look much better parked as a modern work of art, don’t you agree? 

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