Danilo Petrucci’s Suter BMW CRT Race Bike Is For Sale

Danilo Petrucci is best known for his impressive performance in the MotoGP in recent seasons, especially alongside Ducati. The Italian rider is also currently frequently on the headlines thanks to his valiant effort in the 2022 Dakar Rally. However, before making it big in Ducati, Petrucci slugged it out alongside Ioda Racing, aboard a Suter BMW CRT race bike.

Certainly, his time with this machine will be remembered as a period of trial and tribulation. While not exactly the flashiest and most glorious point in his career, Petrucci did manage to bag an eleventh place finish on this machine. More importantly, however, this bike, along with Ioda Racing team’s struggles back in the day, shaped Petrucci into the skilled and resilient rider he is today. As it would turn out, said race bike was acquired by a collector from the Netherlands several years ago. Now, the bike has once again come to surface, and is apparently for sale.

Danilo Petrucci's Suter BMW CRT Race Bike Is For Sale
Danilo Petrucci's Suter BMW CRT Race Bike Is For Sale
Danilo Petrucci's Suter BMW CRT Race Bike Is For Sale

Now, I’m sure racing history aficionados would be interested in such a machine. Hold your horses, there are a few things that need to be addressed. For starters, the collector who acquired Petrucci’s race bike has made some extensive modifications to the machine—not exactly an all-original race bike. The engine is not the same as the one used in the world championship. Instead, the Petrucci’s ex-race horse is now powered by a BMW Superbike Factory engine with a Race Kit2 electronics package. The setup was installed by the owner after purchase with the goal of making the bike a more tractable machine around the track.

Nevertheless, if you have around 60,000 Euros, that’s $67,800 USD, burning a massive hole in your pocket, this ex-race bike piloted by one of the MotoGP greats could certainly go a long way in filling the void in your heart. Its listing is currently live on Race Bike Mart, so be sure to drop by via the link in the sources below, if you’re interested in adding this machine to your collection.

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