CrossHelmet X1 – the smart 360-view HUD helmet receives…

Initially conceptualised in 2012 by motorcycle designer Arato Oono, the CrossHelmet X1 (Cross 1) is a glimpse into the future of what helmet technology could be. Reporting that ‘Helmet technology has been stagnant for decades’, the lid started life on Kickstarter and received over 3 times the amount of backing requested to hit the market.

Key features include a camera to show your rearview on the integrated bi-focal display in the visor, reportedly bringing 360º vision to the rider alongside active sound management, Bluetooth connectivity, and smartphone integration. 

Now, the latest step in tech-aided-riding is the What3Words integration, accessed through tapping the ‘control panel’ on the side of the helm and speaking the unique 3-word combination. 

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