Colove’s 400RR Is Coming And So Are 800cc Models

Colove-Excelle is expanding its lineup of motorcycles, and the brand is pushing forward with multiple road-going models for the future. We covered that Colove was working on a four-cylinder motor, and it appears that the brand will see to it that its newly-developed engine will find its way into a sportbike called the 400RR.

The two concepts were showcased at the brand’s press conference for 2022, and concept arts were shown at the event. Drawings were presented by executives in the press conference, and the presenters stated that these machines were designed and will be produced in China.

The Colove-Excelle brand recently launched its 321RR sportbike in the market, and the small-displacement machine is a rather close reflection of the Yamaha R3 in both engine and design. The new bikes, however, appear to take some inspiration from Ducati’s Panigale thanks to the winglets, while the other bikes in the presentation have some promise in terms of originality of design.

Colove-Excelle 800RR

The engine that will power the 400RR is a 399cc inline-four that is claimed to be the lightest in its class, tipping the scales at just 92.5 pounds or 42 kilograms. It’s also got a maximum power output of 73.9 horsepower at 13,500 RPM. Torque, however, is still similar to a 400-class bike, rated at around 32 pound-feet at 12,000 RPM. It’s a high compression motor with a whopping 13:1 ratio. If these stats hold true in the final product, it’s going to be one heck of a screamer for a 400cc bike.

The bike itself will weigh less than 352 pounds (160 kilograms), giving the impression that it’ll be a nimble sportbike to take through corners. Its top speed will be around 136 miles per hour or 220 kilometers per hour as per the presentation.

Colove-Excelle 800RR
Colove-Excelle 800R

Following that, Excelle announced that it will be introducing two other motorcycles, the Excelle 800R and 800RR. The model with one R is a sport naked, while the double R is a sportbike (obviously, right?), but unlike the 400RR, these two middleweights will take the Excelle 800X’s motor, which is a twin-cylinder engine that adopts the same layout as KTM’s LC8c series of motors. The motor produces 105 horses, and it’s not totally impossible for it to come with a non-standard firing order.

You can expect the two middleweight sport and naked bikes to come in the third quarter of this year, while the 400RR could come next year.

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