Check Out Mosko Moto’s New Woodland Soft Luggage Collection

Here’s a little break from the monotonous motorcycle luggage. Mosko Moto’s a relatively new brand, having launched back in 2013, and the company is giving riders and option to spruce up their bikes with its Woodland soft luggage collection. 

Mosko Moto Woodland Luggage
Mosko Moto Woodland Luggage

I’ve gotten used to seeing monochrome colors on motorcycle luggage, whether it’s hard cases or soft bags. Mosko wants to move away from the norm and add a little spice to the market with its Woodland Collection. This isn’t the brand’s first rodeo experimenting with color, Earlier this year, the ‘Orange Collection dropped, and was sold out almost immediately after launch, proving that there is room for bright-colored luggage in the market.

Mosko Moto Woodland Luggage
Mosko Moto Woodland Luggage

Inspired by the great forest of the Pacific Northwest, the luggage set features olive green or beige as its primary hues with hits of orange for some added flair. The collection will include Soft Panniers, Rackless Bags, Duffles, Tank Bags, and Auxiliary bags. 

The Mosko Moto Backcountry panniers go from a 25-liter size all the way up to 35 liters. You can also avail of a 25/35-liter offset version. Meanwhile, the reckless bags can be as compact as 10 liters all the way to a massive 80 liters. Also, duffel bags are also available and go up to 50 liters in size. On top of that, you can avail yourself of a wide array of auxiliary bags and tank bags for your smaller items. 

Mosko Moto Woodland Luggage
Mosko Moto Woodland Luggage

According to Mosko Moto, stocks are aplenty, and these colorways are here to stay, unlike its limited-edition Orange Collection. 

Check out the collection at Mosko’s website. The bike that models the gear is a KTM Adventure 890 R, and it makes sense thanks to the orange highlights on the bags. Expect these bags to also be decently waterproof and constructed out of some quality materials like ballistic nylon and other durable synthetic materials. The larger bags can get quite pricey, with the most expensive kit coming in at $1,050 USD. 

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