Can-Am and Phil Blurton Showcase Baja Prep in 72 Hours Film

Phil Blurton and crew arrive in Baja.Can-Am/YouTube

Phil Blurton’s dedication to racecraft is more than just a mental game. In the heat and hectic atmosphere of the Baja 1000, even his body is stretched to the limit.

“It’s become a joke: If I don’t puke, I’m not winnin’ the race,” Blurton says in the first installment of a new video series documenting his 2021 Baja 1000 effort.

A factory Can-Am driver, Blurton’s sole focus is winning. Coming up on his first Baja 1000, a video crew documented Blurton and his crew’s preparation for the grueling race.

Blurton was the first racer to finish a race in a Can-Am, and he took that expertise to Baja. Rather than being a big, 1,000-mile loop, this year’s race covered a staggering 1,200 miles down the Baja peninsula, point-to-point style. The race is always a grind of man and machine against the elements and landscape, and Blurton worked hard to ensure his chances of victory were high by designing, building, and battle testing many of the machine’s key components. It’s a heroic effort.

“Some of the guys go there to race, and some of the guys go there to win,” Phil Blurton Sr. says in one installment of the 72 Hours video series. Given the information at hand and Blurton’s record of racing, we’d say the deck was stacked in his favor. Blurton and his friend Austin Weiland entered the Baja 1000 separated by only one point in the SCORE series. The series went down to the wire, as good racing should. The Baja 1000 may have happened already, but stay tuned for the next episode in this series, which shows Blurton and company arriving at and pre-running the Baja 1000.

Watch: 72 Hours Ep1 – The Baja 1000 featuring Phil Blurton

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