Caberg Refreshes Drift Evo Helmet For 2022

Italian helmet manufacturer Caberg has always been one of the more boutique helmet brands from the region. While not as popular as the likes of AGV or Nolan, the Italian company has some really good lids, and is popular among the adventure and sport-touring crowd. For 2022, Caberg has refreshed its Drift Evo helmet to feature a variety of new color options to appeal to the tastes of a variety of riders.

The Italians have added two design options apiece for the carbon and fiberglass versions of the Drift Evo to their inventory. From the 2022 season forward, the Caberg Drift Evo Carbon Sonic will be available in the colors anthracite/white and anthracite/red. The visible carbon structure of the helmet shell, however, remains dominant in both colorways. The black/anthracite/red and black/fluo yellow/blue design options for the Drift Evo with a fiberglass helmet shell are also new. The carbon models come with a smoked glass helmet spoiler, whereas the fiberglass models have a clear spoiler piece.

Caberg Refreshes Drift Evo Helmet For 2022
Caberg Refreshes Drift Evo Helmet For 2022

The MR55 colorway, characterized by its loud and vibrant motif, was first introduced in 2021. It retains its spot in Caberg’s model lineup for this year. The Drift Evo helmet is one of Caberg’s sportier options, and so it comes with features that make it ideal for sportbike, naked bike, and sport-tourer riders. A double-D closure and a spoiler at the back are included. The Caberg Drift Evo is available with two outer helmet shell sizes. The smaller shell is utilized for sizes XS to M, while the bigger shell is used for sizes L to XXL. Like all premium lids, it features removable and washable inner liners. 

The visor has a locking mechanism and may be adjusted in several positions. The visor does not need to be closed by hand and then locked with a lever for this; instead, a lever on the left of the visor can do it all in one motion. With a lever, the visor can be adjusted from entirely closed to completely open. You can even set the visor to be open just 0.5 centimeters, for added air flow. A drop-down visor is also part of the package, something that’s unusual for a sports helmet because it adds weight, yet it is still useful. A scratch-resistant visor and a pinlock system are also included in the Caberg Drift Evo.

Caberg Refreshes Drift Evo Helmet For 2022
Caberg Refreshes Drift Evo Helmet For 2022

As for sizing and pricing, the Caberg Drift Evo is available in a total of six sizes with two shell sizes. As mentioned earlier, a smaller shell is used for sizes XS to M, while a larger shell is used for sizes L to XXL. This premium lid fetches a price tag of 360 Euros, translating to around $407 USD, for the carbon-fiber shell. Meanwhile, the fiberglass shell fetches a more affordable 305 Euros, or $345 USD.

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