Büse Adds The ROCC 899 Carbon Helmet To Its Gear Collection

Those of you who frequently spend long hours on the saddle would be well aware that a nice, lightweight helmet goes a long way in keeping you comfortable and energized. Today’s crop of premium carbon-fiber helmets can easily set you back in excess of $1,000 USD, and understandably so, as a lot of these lids incorporate the latest and greatest racing-derived technology.

That being said, lesser-known helmet brands have been rolling out carbon-fiber helmets, too, and some of them are truly worth mentioning. One such company is Büse, and its in-house helmet brand ROCC. The German gear and equipment maker has recently released an affordable carbon-fiber helmet called the ROCC 899. This fancy lid proudly displays its carbon weave, but doesn’t break the bank at just 379.95 Euros, or around $430 USD.

Büse Adds The ROCC 899 Carbon Helmet To Its Gear Collection

The ROCC 899 is available in a wide selection of sizes ranging from XS to 2XL, with two shell sizes. Just like its industry-leading counterparts, the ROCC 899 offers the convenience of a removable and washable inner lining, as well as a removable wind and breath deflector to prevent your visor from fogging up. Additionally, this helmet comes with a built-in drop-down sun visor, making it perfectly suitable for day-long rides when day turns to night and vice versa.

For added protection, the ROCC 899 features removable emergency chee pads, a shatter-resistant visor, and a ratchet-lock chinstrap. The helmet is equipped with vents on the chin and top of the head, all of which can be opened or closed depending on your preference. Furthermore, a Pinlock visor is included in the package. Overall, the ROCC 899 tips the scales at a rather impressive 1,515 grams—not bad, considering its sport-touring features.

Büse Adds The ROCC 899 Carbon Helmet To Its Gear Collection

It is important to note, however, that the ROCC 899 keeps its affordable price tag as it has been tested in accordance with the older ECE 22.05 safety standard. That said, the previous generation ECE safety rating continues to be an industry-accepted standard, and is approved for use in all countries.

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