Building Your Own Bobber Motorcycle From Frames and Kits

The bobber motorcycle frame is a take on the stripped down motorcycles from the 1950’s. Motorcycles which were stripped down to be lighter and faster, with the back fenders shortened or completely taken off in some cases are dubbed bobbers. When a fender is cut it is referred to as a bobbed fender. Most of the bikes with bobbed fenders are also stripped down to satisfy the need for speed.

This led to the creation of the bobber motorcycle and from then on, various types and artistic versions of the bobber had emerged. Now, they are more popular than ever!

Presently, you can also purchase ready-to-customize bobber frames from a lot of custom-bike builders. You can also buy bobber motorcycle kits, or build a bobber frame yourself.

Here are the steps for you to set up your own bobber from the frame to the other parts needed as well.

First you need to fit it with an engine, transmission, and drivetrain. Once this is done you can finish it by adding a gas tank, wheels, and handlebars among other important parts to achieve the look and feel you like. When using a bobber Motorcycle Frame you have many customization options rather when you just buy a bobber kit. It will also be cheaper than the kit although you must have the skill and knowledge to build the bike. You also must know how to shop for the parts that can work well with your design.

With just the base frame you will be able to customize everything to the exact details you choose (within the frames specifications of course). Bobber Motorcycle Frames will enable you to personally customize your bobber to the look and feel you totally desire. First, you will want to choose the style of Bobber Motorcycle frames which suits the build you want. Whether you chose to build it from frame or from a kit, you will still need to decide which style you want to center it in.

Choosing the Bobber style that fits your design will probably be the most critical part of this project. As you consider the styles, you will come across a couple of terms related to the Bobber Motorcycle Frames. The ‘stretch’ you’ll see in the backbone refers to how much length the bobber motorcycle frame actually exceeds that of a stock frame. The ‘stretch’ located in the frames down tunes refers to its height, which is also above that of the standard stock frame.

Bobber frames have various styles which include softail, swing arm frames, and rigid. An important thing you must keep in mind while choosing the best bobber motorcycle frame is the whole weight of the bike. This means the weight of the bike, including all attachable equipment. This will be a main thing to consider in the frame that you want to build on. This, more than anything, will have the greatest impact on your ride when it comes to new customization.

A heavy bobber motorcycle frame will ride smoother than a light one. Though if you are looking forward to racing, light ones have the advantage. The bobber motorcycle frame will be the structure that puts it all together. It will require more skill to make everything fit right in and ride well compared to an already complete bobber kit.

If you choose your Bobber Motorcycle Frame properly together with the rest of the bike, you will surely have a custom model that you can enjoy for a long time.

Source by Tyler Powers

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