Buell Hammerhead production to begin this month with ne…

BUELL Motorcycles will begin producing bikes again this November, with the fairly familiar looking Hammerhead sports bike. Based on the EBR 1190RX from the previous iteration of the brand, it’s a bike that seems to be little changed from before.

In fact, aside from the shark fin slats on the fairing and the funky exhaust outlet, it looks like a carbon copy of the EBR branded machine. The thing is though, this bike is really just the start for Buell, as they plan to use the Hammerhead as a vehicle to help launch a raft of new metal in the coming months and years.

Buell goes on an adventure!

No modern motorcycle brand’s range would be complete without an adventure bike, and Buell has their eyes on this particular muddy prize also. We first reported on the 1190 Super Touring earlier this and it’s no surprise that the news of the bike landed around the same time we heard about H-D’s Pan America adventure bike!

To those in the know about Buell’s sizable back catalogue, the theme and construction of the bike will be a familiar story. The frame, swingarm and of course, huge rim-mounted brakes paint are trademarks of the brand, although the bodywork and styling are all new.

From the adventure touring segment to the street, Buell also plans to take the sensible step of stripping the Hammerhead of its fairings and sending it out into the world in naked form.

One of the most interesting bikes that we can glean from trademark applications is the Blast nameplate. The Buell Blast was the firm’s first, and pretty much only, foray into the new rider market, and it boasted a 492cc, single-cylinder engine and 34bhp output. A starter bike, if indeed the Blast turns out to be one, is almost as important to a motorcycle manufacturer as an adventure bike.

From the interesting to the highly surprising. The chatter from across the pond is that Buell is going to take on the might of its former shareholder with a cruiser. Of all the bikes mentioned this is the one we find hardest to swallow. Buell and the cruiser segment just don’t seem like good bedfellows. The brand has always stood for innovation, performance, thinking outside of the box. These are phrases that don’t sit well in the blue collar world of V-twin cruisers. Not for me anyway!

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