Brap Talk Podcast #83 – The Electric Slide

Episode 83 of the Brap Talk motorcycle podcast is out with another “weekly” episode, for your two-wheeled listening pleasure.

This episode sees us unexpectedly discussing the future of the motorcycle industry, with a focus on electric motorcycles and the shift away from fossil fuels.

We start things off with Harley-Davidson taking the Livewire public on the New York Stock Exchange, and what the MoCo’s strategy going forward could be for this standalone EV brand.

From there, we look at Ducati’s reveal of its MotoE electric race bike, which caught more than a few people in the industry by surprise – the folks in Bologna have clearly been busy.

Next up, we take a look at a new startup, Stark Future, which is making a very promising electric MX bike offering that is due out in 2023.

Lastly, we finish with California cracking down on emissions from small motors, like those found on gas generators.

This all makes for an interesting conversation about the future of the motorcycle industry, and the rise of electric motorcycle offerings from two-wheeled manufacturers. As always, keep checking back for our “weekly” chats.

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