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The Born-Free Motorcycle Show has become a mainstay among the annual motorcycle events circuit. And for good reason. Founders Mike Davis and Grant Peterson came up with the simple concept of offering a space for vintage chopper and classic cycle enthusiasts to gather and share in the camaraderie of building cool motorcycles fueled by passion. Guys weren’t building for money, or notoriety, but simply for the pure love of doing it because it was what they enjoyed. And even though Born-Free’s popularity has grown substantially over the years, the producers have done a great job staying true to the show’s core ethos. 

The formula for success is simple: provide a destination location in a serene and temperate setting for people to mingle and don’t charge an arm and a leg. Oh, and do the event at a venue where cellular/WIFI service is non-existent so that people have to actually…uh… engage with one another. What started back in 2010 to celebrate that camaraderie has now grown into an annual pilgrimage from folks from all over the world that look forward to seeing friends old and new. 

This past August, the Born-Free 12  kicked off without a hitch (technically 11 since 2020 was cancelled due to COVID-19 shutdowns) continues to bring some of the best and brightest creations to the Oak Canyon Ranch in Silverado, California. From old survivors to performance baggers and everything in between, there’s a really eclectic mix that inspires creativity on display.  

Check out our coverage of Born-Free through the years HERE. 




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