BMW Motorrad Performance Academy To Offer U.K. Track Training In 2022

For several years, BMW Motorrad U.K. has offered various types and levels of motorcycle training to help riders improve their skills in various disciplines. From on-road training for beginners through advanced riders to off-road skills courses and of course Motorrad Tours in various places around the world, it’s covered a range of riding. 

Still, particularly in as racing-happy a country as the U.K., BMW Motorrad realized there was one area that it hadn’t yet explored: The track. In 2022, that’s all changing with the BMW Motorrad Performance Academy. Both former and current BSB racers will be on hand to help Performance Academy students get the most out of their learning experiences. 

Riders can train in levels from beginner to advanced, labeled conveniently Level One, Level Two, and Level Three. A range of BMW Motorrad bikes will be available for use, starting with an F 900 R and moving up the ladder to the S 1000 RR. There’s a plan to eventually bring M 1000 RR into the mix at some point as well, for the most exclusive, advanced training the school intends to offer. That’s not yet available as of December, 2021, but it’s something to look forward to for some riders. 

For 2022, the U.K.’s BMW Motorrad Performance Academy courses will take place at beautiful Anglesey Circuit in Wales. While it’s an undeniably beautiful and relaxing place to enjoy your track day training, another goal that BMW Motorrad UK had with this location was keeping class sizes nice and small. Trainings with anywhere from two to four students aren’t unheard of. If and when the M 1000 RR course comes online, that should offer one-on-one training with comms units between student and instructor, as well as video recording a rider can use to improve their skills as well. 

The 2022 courses are priced from £649 ($859) up to £899 ($1190), depending on a rider’s experience level. To participate, you’ll need an unrestricted, full U.K. motorcycle license, one- or two-piece zip-together leathers, a full-face motorcycle helmet with ACU approval, gauntlet motorcycle gloves that can go over the cuffs of your leathers, as well as calf-length motorcycle boots. Back protectors are also encouraged at all levels. 

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