BMW announce Australian off-road training program

BMW Motorrad Australia is offering more GS off-road training courses this year.

So far they have reased pricing, dates and venues for 17 courses with more courses to be announced in April.

2022 BMW GS Off Road Training Dates

Feb 12-13 >> Adventure Skills Moondyne, WA $695

Feb 17-18 >> Adventure Skills Dargle, NSW $695

Feb 19-20 >> Adventure Skills Kenilworth, QLD $695

Feb 25-26 >> Adventure Skills Broadford, VIC $695

Apr 19-20 >> Adventure Skills Queensland Moto Park, QLD $695

Apr 21-22 >> Adventure Skills Broadford, VIC $695

May 21-22 >> Adventure Expert Kirup, WA $695

May 25 >> Adventure Prep Dargle, NSW $395

May 26-27 >> Adventure Skills Dargle, NSW $695

May 28-29 >> Adventure Expert Dargle, NSW $695

Jun 11-12 >> Adventure Skills Moondyne, WA $695

Jul 19-20 >> Adventure Skills Kenilworth, QLD $695

Jul 21-22 >> Adventure Expert Kenilworth, QLD $695

Jul 28 >> Adventure Prep Broadford, VIC $395

Jul 29-30 >> Adventure Skills Broadford, VIC $695

Jul 31 – Aug 1 >> Adventure Expert Broadford, VIC $695

Aug 13-14 >> Adventure Expert Moondyne, WA $395

I’ve done the course twice and each time I’ve learnt new skills, so even if you’ve done it before, it’s worth going back again for a refresher.

Off-road coaching
MotorbikeWriter goes downhill fast at a BMW GS course

The course is great for those who intend to take part in the GS Safaris.

The training program teaches the following disciplines:

  • Slow-speed maneuvering and control
  • Correct body position/balance
  • Throttle and clutch control
  • Cornering
  • Braking
  • Ascending and descending hills safely with confidence
  • Riding over/around obstacles.

The two-day course is suitable for novices through to more advanced riders. However, experienced riders who have passed the Level 1 program may like to promote themselves to the Level 2 course.

BMW’s head coaches are Motorcycling Australia Level 2 Accredited and BMW International Instructor Academy Certified.


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