Bluroc motorcycles is the new name of Bullit Motorcycle…

Bullit motorcycles is no more. They haven’t gone anywhere, but instead, the Belgium-based motorcycle brand has changed their operating name to Bluroc Motorcycles – primarily shipping the same 125cc & 250cc motorcycles as they always have.

It’s unclear exactly why the name change occurred on October 1st, its site listing the reason as Bluroc “reflects the ambition of our brand,” and “reinforces our link to recent history”. The remainder of the release goes on to talk about their range of bikes, noting that the now self-titled 250cc will “continue to be part of the collection as ‘Bluroc legend’”.

Combining a classic style with modern affordability, the Bullit – sorry, Bluroc – bikes will continue to be sold as they are, but with a different badge. One that is photoshopped onto its bikes on their site but will be a more permanent ‘B’ branding when they roll off the factory floor. 

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