Bikes that make you go hmm. The Top 10 unusual motorcyc…

MOTORCYCLES can certainly turn heads, but we picked out these 10 bikes for their slightly less-than-conventional take on the two-wheeled formula. You can’t put these in the normal box, no way – these are well and truly the quirkiest of the lot that we could find on the market. 

Alex Strange here to cover a recent-ish video on the Visordown YouTube channel – 10 unusual motorcycles you can buy in 2021. Keep your ‘Strange’ jokes to yourself, for now, I can guarantee you I’ve heard them all – but it’s like I was born to cover this video!

Whether you’re after a commuter scooter that’s into a bit of dirt at the weekend, a long-distance tourer that’s got an extra leg, or just something with that extra bit of flair to make it stand wheels & bars above the rest… we’re 99% this list will have something that’s a bit more outside of the box for you.

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