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THE UK chancellor Rishi Sunak has outlined the government’s autumn budget for 2021. As the UK looks ahead to 2022, the big news is around fuel duty remaining at the same level as before.

There was rumoured to be an increase in fuel duty this autumn, although this was scrapped at the last minute – quite possibly in light of the recent fuel shortages the UK is reported to have had. The queues at the pumps helped to push fuel prices to an all-time high, with an average of more than £1.40 being charged at pumps up and down the country. This will mean that for the twelfth year in a row, fuel duty will remain the same.

Some will criticise the move, especially in light of the COP26 summit in Scotland that is about to begin. With so many important eyes on the UK during the conference, some world leaders would be asking the UK to make private car ownership seem less attractive – not more so.

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