Best in the Desert Vegas to Reno UTV Race

The 25th anniversary running of the Vegas to Reno race proved to be tougher than ever over 489 miles of blistering Nevada terrain. Desert racers must survive that insane distance to reach the checkered flag just outside of Reno, Nevada. This race isn’t for wimps, and you better make sure every nut and bolt are tight before the green flag drops. A delay on race day pushed the start back into the hottest part of the day, when temperatures climbed into triple digits. Of the record 400-plus race entries, which included motorcycles, ATVs, off-road buggies, and trucks, 150 were in a UTV. Racers were hoping that recent rains would keep the dust at bay, but that wouldn’t be the case. In the UTV Unlimited class, 50 percent of the 26 cars that entered would succumb to the Nevada desert. Results were similar in the UTV Pro Naturally Aspirated and UTV Turbo classes.

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