Australian post to phase out motorcycles – replacing th…

Due to replace the well-loved red Postie bike (the Honda CT110) in Australia, introducing the Postie Trike: a Kyburz DXP AU fully electric trike.

After a number of successful trials that kicked off around 4 years ago, the Australian Post has officially confirmed the electric trikes will take charge for an ‘electric future’ with the beloved red Hondas completely phased out by 2025 at the latest. 

Priced up at around £10,000 each, a Kyburz trike is capable of holding around 1200 letters and 100 small parcels at a time (three times more than the CT110 that’s been seen delivering in Oz since the 70s), with a range of around 100 km (perhaps three times less than its contemporary), and recharged to full in 7-10 hours. 

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